Monday, January 17, 2011

Diamante Poems 2) Girls and Boys

This time I am writing a diamante poem. This is my second one and I hope I improved from my last one. Nothing much, but it's the best I can do~~
My topic is Girls and Boys.
creative, smart
imagining, chatting, giggling
leader, thinker, joker, gamer
laughing, running, playing
positive, curious
I know.. This poem was a little bit too much good side for the girls. But I am a girl and there is no way stopping from me being a girl! Also I tried my best to write the good side of the boys. They are often positive and curious (sometimes too nosy) and mostly they are running, laughing around while they are playing. They joke a lot so I wrote a thing about joker and some quite love games so I put in gamer, too. On the other hand, girls are very creative and smart. They like to imagine things while they chat and giggle. They aren't much of a joker like the boys but they are more of a thinker and a leader. By this poem, I thinkg I knew more things about the good and bad things of boys and girls.

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